The best way for expectant mums to find a truly mother-friendly birthing space is by contacting a doula or midwife, and get guided through her to an appropriate clinic.

For Midwives, HypnoBirthing Practitioners, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, check:

In contrast to European countries, professional midwifery care is a rare find in India. And there are hardly any facilities and clinics for those parents who choose natural childbirth. The same goes for Uttarakhand (also known as Dev Bhoomi, The Land of the Gods), India’s North-Eastern state. The best way to find the right maternity hospital or birthing home for you is to go by recommendation from people you know, and your doula or midwife. Of course, classic home birth is an option too. 

If you consider a hospital, always interview at least two doctors before making a decision AND take a doula with you. You really have to know your rights in childbirth and push for them. According to the WHO, good hospitals should have a c-section rate not higher than 15% and an episiotomy rate not higher than 20%.

It is a good idea to always carefully check what training, experience, skills and attitude the care taking and decision making staff have. Also check the equipment: for example, hospitals providing water births are very few and they may have only one pool, which might not be ready when you are. 

Recommended Sanctuaries & Clinics: