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Winds of change in India

Long awaited winds of change are blowing through India. 

Thanks to years of advocacy, the Government of India and various state governments in the country have now acknowledged the urgent need to promote normal birth and eliminate unnecessary surgical intervention.  Continue reading “Winds of change in India”

3.-9. Sept 2016 : Healthy Birth Healthy Earth : International Conference

Healthy Birth – Healthy Earth
International Conference in Scottland
from 3. to 9. September 2016
Live Webstreaming and/or participation in person at the Ecovillage Findhorn in Scotland.

„A conference about conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood, as well as the healing of birth trauma in adults.“

Amongst the 24 speakers are Michel Odent, Elena Tonetti Vladimirova and Robin Lim.
Full program and detailed information:


Conference 2.-5. February 2017, Mumbai: Human Rights in Childbirth

An impressive forum of scientists, gynaecologists, midwives, therapists, lawyers, journalists and visionaries. Check link for program details:


Everybody working in maternity care shares a common goal: healthy mothers, and healthy babies. Governments, NGOs, and providers are working around the world to help ensure that every woman and baby survives birth.  But more is at stake in pregnancy and childbirth than survival alone, and obstetric models of care can either protect or violate the fundamental human rights of the women they serve. The care that women receive during pregnancy and childbirth intersects with the rights to physical integrity, self-determination, privacy, family life, and spiritual freedom. Continue reading “Conference 2.-5. February 2017, Mumbai: Human Rights in Childbirth”

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