Did you know that the undeniable urge to cover your baby in kisses serves a biological purpose? 

When a mother kisses her baby, she samples the pathogens on baby’s face, which then travel to mom’s lymphatic system. Mom’s body then creates antibodies to fight those pathogens, which baby receives through breast milk. What?! Amazing, right?

“When my son and I both got H1N1 (he was 8-months-old), our physicians called us the poster people for breastfeeding. I was running near 105* temperatures and pretty much miserable; still I nursed. My little guy, on the other hand, had some explosive poops and a bit of a runny nose, but otherwise? Unscathed. They couldn’t believe how happy and jolly he was, but told me that it was a testament to the power of breastmilk and my antibodies protecting him.” Kristen Tea

ref.: http://www.mothering.com 10-things-you-might-not-know-about-breastfeeding