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The Other Side of the Glass: a film for and about fathers

Beautiful documentary series – and a must watch. The Other Side of the Glass started the conversation about a man’s experience at his baby’s birth and his need to be seen as having his own experience as the father, a partner, and a witness. Men across the US shared their experiences of birthing their babies as “like being in a war zone” and being powerless – on “the other side of the glass” even if present. 

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Healing Births & World Peace

“We need to be talking about our entry into this world – and be outraged that it is so capitalistic and weaponised. Drugs – Epidural – with Fentanyl are normal now. Caesarean is routine… Ritualised separation of baby from mother has become the norm, and so have fast cord cutting and a variety of unnecessary interventions. This is traumatic and the rootcause of war within, and in the world. We need to talk about such militarised births and their impacts on the babies’ brains and bodies as well as the mothers’ bodies, psyches and lives. We should be outraged.” – unknown

What we should see and experience:

What most of us experience:

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