With every step, the shackles fall off.
With every word & thought, the truth is resounding-
Revealing itself and shaking the atmosphere.
And if it rocks you, there’s a reason:
An unresolved pain,
We can only heal and transcend by looking,
Even if it’s heavy.

I can feel the weight of generations of women
Strapped to beds, drugged and cut open.
Yelling “No! Stop! I do not consent!”
Or led to believe their bodies can not achieve birthing the old way.
I can feel the sharp cuts
Of a baby hurried along
In a cold sterile room.

But my spirit says no.

Everything in my being says no
And yet the world’s narrative is that
“Birth is the most PAINFUL thing you’ll ever feel.”

But the ancestors are so loud!
They say, “Wait wait.
The teachings are not lost.
They are within you.
Listen to your body.
You are powerful, intuitive, and wise.
And you need not answer to anyone’s projections of fear onto you.
You are allowed to draw a line and say no
To those who denounce the knowing that lies within you.
Birthing is the most BEAUTIFUL thing you will ever feel.
You come from a mother, and her mother, and her mother, and hers.
And you will know if you need the help of different medicine to help you and your baby live.
And that’s okay too.”
Shame and judgment are just another shackle
And they fall from my wrists this day.

We have all been born from the flesh of woman
And it is long overdue for us to stand in our truth
And reclaim our long lineage of sovereignty and wisdom.
May we stand free from bondage and oppression.
May we move freely as our body is asking
And take the time to listen to OUR natural rhythms.

The chains of fear and control have no jurisdiction in this sacred temple.
We are sovereign and we reclaim the teachings that were burned at the stake, and taken by the swords of colonizers.
I will not cower in submission.
I will stand up, speak out, and be heard.

Repeat after me
I am free.

by A. Kimimila