See baby being pulled out by the neck? That’s a typical c-section, with the doctor pulling baby through an incision in mom’s abdomen. Those pulling forces are experienced by baby in most births, vaginal or cesarean, and cause a subtle shift in the top bone of the neck. And this can cause a variety of issues for the child. Since the nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body, including development and healing, we have to make sure that a child’s nervous system is working properly. And the spine is the most common place in the body that can interfere with the nervous system, disrupting the amazing power that made the body.

Example: Despite being seen by neonatologists, pediatricians, lactation consultants, and a pediatric dentist who released 4 tongue/lip ties, no one could explain why Owen struggled to breastfeed. Mom thought nothing would change…then she tried chiropractic. After one gentle adjustment, which Owen melted into a relaxed bliss, things changed. He latched, and nursed. Mom sent a text soon after: “I just wanted to say thank you. We just got home and Owen nursed for 30 minutes…I can’t hardly believe it. I’ve cried for a week unable to provide for my babe, I’m so thankful! Whatever we are doing to him, it’s working.“

baby chiropractic

It is so important that every provider who works with pregnant women and children – OB/GYNs, midwives, perinatologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, lactation consultants, dentists, and others – understands that birth is physically stressful, and chiropractic offers a safe, gentle, and effective approach to helping Mom and baby navigate the transition from pregnancy to birth and beyond.

Source: Shtulman Family Chiropractic, USA,