Life transformation is to high degree about our conscious emergence from the cycle of suffering, blind acceptance and powerlessness, liberating us into an alignment with our inherent divine navigation system, soul plan and with nature. And this includes spiritual awareness and the harmonisation of the male and female aspects within us, the connection with heart and head, intuition and ratio, Earth and Heaven.

When pieces of our soul expression got lost during childhood, the grieving about it, followed by the reintegration of our ‘inner children’ will lead to reconciliation and inner peace. This completion is an essential element in the foundation for living healthy, mature, authentic, truly loving and powerful relationships.

The way for men (and meanwhile also for many women) back into their integrity includes also to consciously put away the weapons of competition and aggression, to stop being absent and busy with all kinds of performances. Instead to be present and re-member their inherent intuitive antennae. The way for women (but also for men) back into their integrity involves the conscious re-connection to their bodies and inner knowing. Thus grow self-respect and self-esteem. And through the recovery of their dignity, both men and women, gain momentum to increasingly make choices that serve their highest good – and the highest good of ALL involved.

Here is to the exuberant, creative, nourishing, cooperative and magical Female Powers of Existence! Just look at our fertile, all-forgiving and loving Mother Earth. Wishing you a JOYOUS WOMEN’s DAY! 
– Marina


“Indian culture is about the Goddess in the 2nd Shakti Chakra in everyman & woman. Tyag त्याग is sacred in India! Swadhishthan is about Durga riding the Lion Dynamo of Passion & Power to end the demoniacal tamas on Earth. Call it Sex Chakra, instead of Goddess in every man & woman, and we transform into rape culture like rest of the world. Today I salute men & women who are capable of authentic sacrifice for sacred values. This is true meaning of orange flag of Dharma, inspired by Bhavani!
I like to see myself as ex-marxist (Nirmala Niketan, TISS, Berkeley), ex-feminist (Berkeley). My three male gurus were all complete man-woman unity as Mother, and without a word of reproach or reaction, they have compassionately helped me transform into Mother too. I am Man, Woman, Child and all That. Women are in need of greater Courage & Men in need of Pure Love and Spirit of Sacrifice within. We are now in the orange dawn of Satyayug, the Era of Light, Love and Dharma. 
When I saw myself going Sati in a powerful cosmic vision, and then escorted to a spaceship full of ppl wiz bodies of gold particles of pure Love, I understood. My guru confirmed that I performed the sati in four previous lives. 
You saw the viral video of mama bear defending her cub when facing full fury of tiger in Maharashtra’s Tadoba sanctuary. This is pure Mother Courage and Love. This is what 2nd Chakra Strength in Sacrifice is about.
Satyayug will be a place of blessings and grace, once all the confusion and darkness of kaliyug is cleared out in the ensuing years. 
Kaliyug, the dark era was the era of false ideologies creating division, fractures, war, powerlessness and humanity reduced to being puppets, subjects of manipulation and destruction. It is now ended.”
– Sri Ma, India